Mermaid Song : I’d Like to be a Mermaid

Mermaid Song

Everyone loves the romance of mermaids. Beautiful illusive creatures, are they real or imaginary? Children find mythical creatures fascinating and they are such a wonderful source of creativity! I’d Like To Be A Mermaid is a simple little mermaid song which is perfect for accompanying our Twirling Mermaid Craft.

Mermaid Song and Twirling Mermaid Craft

Mermaid Song : I’d Like to be a Mermaid

I’d like to be a mermaid,

As pretty as can be,

Sitting on a rock,

In the middle of the sea.


Combing out my hair,

In the golden sun,

And swishing my fine tail,

Oh wouldn’t it be fun!

(sing to the tune of I had A little Nut Tree)

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Twirling Mermaid Craft

Free Printable Twirling Mermaid Craft to accompany the mermaid song

This twirling mermaid craft is so easy and quick to do and offers kids a great opportunity for open ended creativity. Simply print off our free printable mermaid template, and allow the children to decorate it as they wish! We did ours with tissue paper and sequins with yellow ribbon for her hair – but anything goes! See her twirl in the little video below.

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  4. I love this idea. We may change the song to be merman as handsome as can be with our boys and then keep it the same for our daughter (as we have four 3 year-olds (1 girl and 3 boys). Please share this post on Artsy Play Wednesday (open through Saturday night).

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