Peeping Through The Window : Shape Song & Guessing Game

shape song for preschoolers

Peeping Through The Window is a fun shape song and guessing game that teaches little ones how to recognise their shapes, while playing a game of musical eye spy at the same time.

Shape song and musical guessing game

Peeping Through the Window : Shape Song

Peeping through window,

Peeping through the window,

Peeping through the window,

What shape will it be?


(the child picks one of the cardboard tubes, and you sing together)


You’re peeping through the circle,

Peeping through the circle,

 Peeping through the circle,

What can you see?


(the child names something or someone that she can see through the tube)

(repeat the song with each shaped tube)


To sing this shape song you need to prepare by making some different shaped spying tubes which can be easily made from recycled toilet paper rolls. Doing this craft together introduces the different shapes and helps your child to recognise which is which. You shape them by squeezing and folding the edges, three to make a triangle, four to make a square and so on. It’s a good idea to decorate them with coloured tape which makes them stronger as well as helping them to support their new shapes.

preschool shape song and game

Once the shaped tubes are finished, line them up and sing the shape song together. The first time you do this you can offer the tube and name it first to help the child learn each one. Later you can let the child choose which shape they want to peep through, or you could hide them in a cloth bag letting them pick one at random. When the child has learnt the song and understands the concept, you sing the first verse and the child can sing the second verse in the first person, in answer to your question.

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Ed benefits of the Shape Song - Let's Play Music

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    • Hi Christine, The short chime bar clip at the bottom of the post will show you how it goes. It’s a mixture of two old songs rolled into one, so it seems quite familiar! Sara

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  3. This is too fun! I have to try this with my kids.

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  4. Sara_LetsPlayMusic - Reply

    Yes – it’s still in its heart shape now and I did this a few days ago now! I did have to pinch the corners quite hard initially, but I think that the tape helps them hold their shape too. Thanks for stopping by!

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