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Let's Play Music : The Scary Witch - Rhythm and Music Game - This would be perfect for a Halloween party!

The Scary Witch song and rhythm game from our Songs for Halloween Series, is a perfect game to play at Halloween.  It is both an educational listening game, and also it’s a bit daring too!

Scary Witch Halloween Rhythm Game

The scary witch is in her lair,

The scary witch is in her lair,

Who will dare to reach in the bag,

And steal a sound from this old hag?

(sung to the same tune as Mrs Bear Sits on the Chair)

Before playing the game  you need to prepare the rhythm cards from our Halloween rhythm sheet. Mount the sheet on card and cut it into five, for the different characters. Spend a little time teaching and practicing each character’s rhythm, so that the children can recognise which is which. Younger children may only be able to recognise the rhythms of two or three different characters, but older children can give learning all five a go.

Let's Play Music : Halloween Rhythm Sheet - Match the Halloween character to the musical note value in this fun, educational game!

How to Play :

  1.  Place the cards in a bag with some tone blocks or a tambourine, on the floor behind a stool or chair. One child is chosen to be the witch, and sits on the chair at other end of the room.
  2. The rest of the children then take it in turns to be brave enough to creep up on the witch. When they are close enough, they reach in the bag and pick a card, then they tap the rhythm.  
  3. The witch listens carefully, without turning around. If she identifies the character/rhythm correctly, then she can turn around and try to catch the child.  
  4. The child has to run back across to the “safe” side of the room, without getting caught. If they do get caught, then they will be the next witch.

It is a rather familiar game, similar to What’s The Time Mr Wolf, but with some musical listening and a Halloween twist!

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  3. This is a really catchy Halloween learning song and activity. It is very cute too. Thank you for sharing and for linking up this week to the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop.

  4. Heather @ Crayon Box Chronicle - Reply

    Hi Sara. What a brilliant way to teach rhythm, taking turns, character development, and so much more! Thank you for sharing today! =)

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