Gingerbread House : Kids’ Songs For Christmas

Gingerbread House - Kids' Songs for Christmas - Let's Play Music

Making a gingerbread house together over the holidays will build wonderful Christmas memories for you and your child, and whether you make it from scratch or from a kit, your little one will be delighted with the results, even if it is a bit lop-sided!

Gingerbread House - Kids' Songs for Christmas - Let's Play Music

Oh I really, really want to build a gingerbread house!

It could be a lovely home for a little mouse!

We must stick it together with some sugar glue,

And decorate with jelly beans that we can eat too!

(sing to the tune of Miss Polly Had A Dolly)

Gingerbread House from our Kids’ Songs for Christmas series , is very easy to pick up as it borrows it’s tune from the well known song Miss Polly Had A Dolly, if you’re not sure how it goes, have a listen to the chime bar clip above. It would be the perfect song to sing while you’re making your gingerbread house together, but if there isn’t time for that, you could make a lovely gingerbread collage together out of fabric scraps and buttons , and get really creative with the decorating!

Ed. benefits of Gingerbread House - let's Play Music

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