The Christmas Robot : Kids’ Songs for Christmas

The Christmas Robot : Song and Upcycled Craft about a robot who comes to Christmas Dinner! - Let's Play Music

A recycled robot with an unusual appetite and a great musical activity for a Christmas party! The Christmas Robot is ideal for children of all ages, with little ones loving the story of the robot and action of posting the cutlery into his mouth, as well as singing the song. Older children will be able to get involved with making the robot too!

Oh a Robot came to dinner,

He came on Christmas day,

He didn’t like the turkey so he threw it all away,

He ate up all the knives and forks and then he asked for more,

I’ve never had a Christmas dinner quite like that before!

(Sung to the tune of The Grand Old Duke of York – scroll down for tune)

The Christmas Robot : Song and Upcycled Craft about a robot who comes to Christmas Dinner! - Let's Play Music

This is a perfect kids musical activity for a rainy advent afternoon. The Christmas Robot, who comes to Christmas dinner, rejects all the traditional fare and polishes off all the knives and forks instead!  Small children find this highly amusing, and will happily oblige buy feeding him with any cutlery they can get their hands on!  Just make sure you make a hole in the Robot’s back, so they are easy to retrieve!  The song tune is borrowed from the Grand Old Duke of York so everyone can join in!

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How to make a recycled Christmas Robot

The Christmas Robot : How to make a Christmas Robot out of old cereal boxes with a song sung to the Grand Old Duke of York!

What you need:

2 cereal boxes, one smaller one large.

1 piece of string

ribbon and shiny sweet paper (quality street/roses wrappers are ideal)

Cellotape or duct tape

Silver spray

How to make your Christmas Robot:

1. Put one box on top of the other.

2. Make a 3″ hole in the bottom of the larger one, and the top of the smaller one

3. Tape the two boxes together making sure the holes line up on top of one another

4. Cut a mouth hole- big enough to post cutlery in!

5. Take half a newspaper and make two short fat rolls (of the same size) for the feet and secure with tape.

6. Make two longer rolls and thread the string right down the middle of the tubes and tape at the ends, so the two arms are connected rather like mittens on a string.

7. Tape the string across the ‘shoulders’ of the robot, so that his arms are suspended at the sides but can swing to and fro.

8. Secure the feet to the bottom of the robot with duct tape making sure he can balance on them.

9. Spray your robot silver.

10. Make his eyes and nose out of coloured paper – old sweet wrappers/coloured foil is perfect.

11. Make his hair out of tinsel and curling ribbon

12. Lastly, cut a hole in his back so you can retrieve your cutlery!


What your child will learn from this musical activity:

Craft Activity: Cutting, modelling, sticking

Musical Activity: Singing the tune, learning the words, expanding vocabulary, memory

Literacy: Telling the story of the robot, describing the robot, imaginative play – how does the robot walk and talk?

Numeracy: A counting game to see how many knives, forks and spoons he eats, and how many you find at the end, are they the same!?

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